Sunday, November 20, 2011

2016 (Ghana Movie Trailer)

From the deep sadness that lurks somewhere in my human body make-up, I'll like to admit that Ghana has singlehandedly taking the whole African continent back to before the stone age.

 Why would I say such a thing in relation to my Home Country's rival neighbors most of y'all would ask? The answer lies in the horrific crap of a movie commercial that the Black Stars have dropped on planet Earth. I mean this is the reason why Africa is portrayed horribly to the world.

I will try not to express all my deepest frustrations because there is one good side to it. In contrast to this depressing eye opener, the Nollywood hit; "Blackberry Babes" now seems like the difference between the new movie "Immortals" and probably the 1940's "Superman Returns" movie.

Peep it below...!!!


  1. LMFAO... You go fear martial arts.. Pityful !

  2. Guy kill yourself, ahaan kilode? this kind of rubbish must not be tolerated or spread it should be contained and annihilated